In frenzy to follow index movements, don’t overlook quality opportunities

Value Shastra invests in Emkay’s 12, one-of-its-kind investing in large-cap equity investment strategy which is one of the contemporary alternatives to large-cap MFs in India…

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D-Street Talk podcast | Vikaas M Sachdeva explains mantra on how to pick stocks in SAMVAT 2077

To assess the quality, we have the ‘E-Qual’ model which measures quantitatively attributes like management quality, management attitude, wealth creation, etc., explains……

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“See money-making opportunities in high quality mid and small-cap businesses’

One has to remember that the investor is becoming smarter with so much of information and advice to choose from.

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What bothers equity investors the most? And how to resolve it?

In today's equity markets, as always, 'Quality' is the 'insurance premium' you pay for a steady, consistent growth portfolio.

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India Inc is set for complete makeover

As domestic equity markets continue to trade in volatility, amidst the rising unpredictability Vikaas M Sachdeva, CEO, Emkay Investment Managers Ltd, says that MFs are still the…

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I don’t see any reason why direct plans should be there in PMS

In the immediate term, my priority is the safety of my employees. While we have systems and processes in place to work remotely, I personally feel that physical meetings and…

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Coronavirus impact on mutual funds: This is the new normal for investors

Whenever the AMFI monthly numbers on mutual fund flows are released, there is a lot of data dissection which takes place.

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To gauge investment worthiness, investors must look at next year earnings

As domestic equity markets continue to rally, now for six-weeks straight, volatility is also making a comeback. Amidst the rising volatility, Vikaas M Sachdeva, CEO, Emkay…

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Our ‘E-Qual’ model helps us pick winners, we’ve had no blowouts

We run a proprietary model called E-Qual, which is the country’s first calibrated model to measure corporate governance.

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“Smart Alpha” framework helped us identify leaders amid COVID-19 sell-off: Vikaas M Sachdeva

We will stick to our “smart alpha” framework which has a well-diversified

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