Investment Objective

The objective of Emkay L.E.A.D. (Leadership. Excellence. Ambition. Discipline.) portfolio is to achieve long term capital appreciation by predominantly investing in large and mid-cap high-growth companies with a leadership trait in their sector along with a wide economic moat, quality management, and reasonable valuations.

Investment Framework

Investment Theme

L.E.A.D. invests across sectors and companies ( not exceeding 15 stocks) which are slated to benefit from :

Value Migration

The framework tries to identify industries where value migration is underway and helps pick potential winners early in the investment cycle.

Growth in Domestic Consumption

Companies that have the potential to benefit from the growth in GDP and the attendant impact on domestic consumption-driven sectors.

The portfolio aims to achieve diversification across industries and companies for effective risk management. Its earnings growth and quality filters keep out low-quality, high-risk companies, to minimise portfolio risk. The fund managers employ the smart alpha approach to create an equi-weighted portfolio, thereby eliminating ‘allocation bias’.

Sector Allocation | Stocks | Performance

*As on 31st Oct 2022


Bajaj Finance Ltd.9.7%
Titan Company Ltd. 8.9%
Eicher Motors Ltd.7.8%
ICICI Bank Ltd.7.8%
Infosys Ltd.7.2%


*As on 31st Oct 2022

Since inception December 2018, the Emkay L.E.A.D. portfolio, by virtue of its Smart Alpha approach has delivered 16.8% returns (model portfolio) & 13.7% (TWRR)

Performance Update

*As on 31st Oct 2022
Since Inception
Model Portfolio13.2
Nifty 20014.0
Outperformance (Model v/s Benchmark)-0.8
Outperformance (TWRR v/s Benchmark)-3.8


*As on 31st Oct 2022

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